Association Between Postponements of Medical Care and Financial Constraints Among Transgender Population

Postponements of Medical Care Among Transgender Population


  • Asghar Ali Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Saad Ahmed Khan Faculty of Science, Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education Karachi, Pakistan
  • Shah Zeb Aga Khan University Karachi, Pakistan
  • Fajer Alhamdan Psychiatric Hospital, Kuwait
  • Tazeen Saeed Ali Aga Khan University School of Nursing and Midwifery, Karachi, Pakistan



Financial Constraints, Postponement of Medical Care, Transgender Health, Socioeconomic Status


Health is a basic human need and access to healthcare is a basic non-negotiable human right. Objectives: To examine the association between postponements of medical care and financial constraints that might lead to delay in their medical care.    Methods: We conducted a primary, analytical cross-sectional study including transgender individuals (n=250), using a purposive sampling technique who were registered with the Gender Interactive Alliance (G.I.A) a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Karachi, Pakistan. We assessed their demographic data by documenting age, gender, religion, income and province, in relation to access to medical care. Results: Data were obtained from 204 (81.6%) males and 46 (18.4%) females’ transgender. The mean age was 32.34 years (S.D=7.85). A Significant association was found in postponement of medical care and financial constraints, with educational status which showed that more than half (55%) were Non Matriculated (p-Value= 0.001), gross monthly income (before taxes) were between 21000 to 30000 PKR (p = 0.002) per month and half of the population were homeless (p <0.001) and it has significantly decreased their chances of access to medical care. Conclusion: Significant association found between postponements of medical care and to financial constraints in transgender population. Further studies are needed to shed light on the struggles that transgender face in medical care and to find out the solution to help those neglected individuals/section of society.


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DOI: 10.54393/pjhs.v4i03.611
Published: 2023-03-31

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Ali, A. ., Ahmed Khan, S. ., Zeb, S. ., Alhamdan, F. ., & Saeed Ali, T. . (2023). Association Between Postponements of Medical Care and Financial Constraints Among Transgender Population: Postponements of Medical Care Among Transgender Population. Pakistan Journal of Health Sciences, 4(03), 39–43.



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